Healing Sessions


During the in person Session

Before we start any healing sessions I will ask you to fill in and sign two forms.

One to give me permission to heal you and the other for your personal details, health and healing issues, and how many sessions we agree on. We’ll have a short chat and I’ll ask you to either get on the couch or sit in a chair.

Each session is different so you may be asked to breathe a certain way or visualise certain things. Or just relax and enjoy the energy of the session.

Please tell me if your unhappy about being touched and if the energy gets too much physically or emotionally.

I will then make sure your okay to go back into the world and will give you a bottle of water to drink to help with the healing process.

Things I don’t do

Heal you. That is down to you and your relationship with God/Source/Universal Energy. I am only the connector between the two of you. Your payment is for my time and my gift of channelling the energy to where it needs to go.

Provide a counselling service. If it would suit your progress towards becoming whole I can recommend a few people and organisations that can help.


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