Message of the Moment

Lessons from the Ancients

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Dear Ones

Many of you will be facing challenges that push your buttons. From people who invade your space to those who believe they can tell you how to live our life. From physical threats to emotional aggression, know that in all these events the Elohim are with you always guiding always watching always protecting.

For you are now entering a time and space that those who will not change will be left behind and those who cannot change will be wiped from the Earth.

Do not judge us harshly for these beings have been warned of this time by signs and portents they have chosen to ignore and will be given one final chance this year to change their ways. To have a final fling as it were to ensure they are getting the message.

For next year the work begins in earnest. The beings of light will begin…

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Lightworker who uses intuitive methods to help people to heal
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