How to tell if the psychic doing your reading is genuine

Many people who have readings are often disappointed at the quality and message given to them. Here’s how to tell what’s really going on:

  • Reading down’t relate to the time you’ve asked about – if the reader is giving you information that is in the past chances are they are reading your aura rather than talking to their guides.
  • You feel out of sorts after the reading – this is due to the reader having joined their energy to your solar plexus chakra, which will again given them an inaccurate reading of what is going on around you.
  • Information does not relate to you – this may be genuine in that they have been given a message for someone you know, which you need to check, however, if it doesn’t make sense to anyone you know chances are their reading someone else around you in the hall your sat in.

There are however some psychics and mediums who try to influence you using their energy to fall in with something that you wouldn’t normally do. In these cases make sure that you ask for protection from them if you feel you are being asked to agree to something you wouldn’t normally. Then once you get home ask your guides to clear your energy to make sure there are no lasting attachments to them, in case they come back after  you in the future as one of their better clients.

So the best answer is ask your friends, or go to places such as the following who have trained or have trustworthy readers:

College of Psychic Studies –

school of Intuition and Healing –

Michelle Knight psychics –



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