Trance medium, and accredited healer, who naturally helps people and animals to heal by the use of her inherent gifts. Works with various beings from the Angelic, Earth and other realms and dimensions to help clients heal themselves.

Located mainly at Clearly Destiny in Woburn Walk near Euston (See Map)

Services offered are: 

  • Trance Mediumship one to one sittings
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Past Life realigning, cord removal, and energy body clearing using the Violet flame and Divine energy
  • Multi-dimensional healing using the violet flame
  • Pendulum and crystal healing
  • Angelic, Green ray, Divine energy, and multi-dimentional healing
  • Energy healing and energy body realignment
  • Clearing of unwanted energies
  • Facilitation of shifting a situation that is blocking the client’s development
  • Raising clients energy to their next level of development
  • Teach clients how to protect themselves and their homes

Ann-Marie also runs workshops on Angelic Beings, Elementals, use of the various Divine flames, and protection and clearing of spaces with Ascended Masters and Beings of Light.

Cosmic dragon


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